As everyone is aware, everyday life has not been the same the last few months.  The WG held an executive meeting with Father and decided that in the best interest and safety of our parish the Rummage Sale and Parish Picnic is canceled.

Welcome to Women's Guild

Bulletin Board

"When God gives you joy, no one can take it from you."

~ Richard Daly

Women's Guild of St. William

A Letter of Welcome

As officers of the Women’s Guild, we would like to welcome all the adult women in the parish to the Women’s Guild of Saint William Parish.  Our Women’s Guild consists of a vibrant group of women who become spiritually and socially involved in the parish.

Our mission is to promote Christion values within our parish its families and members, while serving the parish with social, spiritual, and financial support.  Being an active member of the Guild will provide you with the opportunity to get to know other women and make a difference in our parish.

The first step in becoming an active member would be to attend the Women’s Guild meetings on the first Wednesday of the month starting in September and ending in May.  The meetings begin with refreshments and social time at 6:00 pm, followed by a business meeting, and ending with a variety of programs and/or activities.

Although this year may present some challenges, we will strive to make our projects and programs happen.  We encourage you to consider participating, taking advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in our parish and make new friends.  As you glance through this booklet, if there is an event you would like to be a part of, please contact the hostess listed at the top of the page of that event.  We would like to thank you for considering being a part of our Women’s Guild.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please bless this group of ladies who are willing to share their time and talents to support the Women’s Guild her at St. William.  Give them the Strength throughout this coming year to make every event successful.

May God Bless You All.

Linda Horm

Christine DePascale

Margie McCummins

Marcia Kane

St William Parish Women’s Guild

Welcomes the 2021-2022 elected officers:

LINDA Horm, President
Christine DePascale, Vice President
Margie McCummins, Secretary
Marcia Kane, Treasurer

We thank each of these ladies for volunteering their time and energy to make the upcoming year successful and fun.