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Technology Tuesday Mission Statement

To empower the community of St. William through technology by:

  • Reducing tech-phobia and tech-anxiety through dialogue, reflection, and quality instruction
  • Increasing community through connections; decrease loneliness through alternative/non-traditional communications
  • Using learner centered instruction, based on self-directed learning, to create a positive environment of reflection, clarification, and guidance
  • Delivering a quality experience through instructor guidance, peer-to-peer support, expert/novice pairings

To dedicate our God-given talents to each other and to making technology accessible and enjoyable.

Schedule of Classes:

Classes are cancelled until further notice



  • Cancelled


Upcoming Events/Things to Know

QR Codes

  • What are they?
  • Why bother?
  • Finding them
  • Scanning them


  • Download a QR Code Reader
  • Find two QR codes
    • Where?
    • What do they do?
    • Reaction?


Overview of Course

Overview of Schedule

Connect Smartphones and/or Laptops to Internet

Review briefly these attachements:

Technology Tuesday's 

Lesson Tools:

Online Guides (can be downloaded as a PDF with active links):

Gmail for Beginners

Gmail Basics

BBC: First Click for Beginners Guide

Google Docs Tutorial

7 Steps to Google Photo