St. William Catholic Church - FaithStreet

Important Dates

Winter Newsletter ~ February 8, 2016

  • submission for materials for Winter Newsletter is January 22

Newsletter Topics

  • From the Pastor
  • From the Pastoral Assistant
  • Primary Article
  • Secondary Article
  • Sister Parish Update
  • PSR
  • People in the Pews/Spotlight on Family
  • Welcome to New Parishioners
  • Special Seasonal Article
  • Special Event Article for that season
  • Special Editor Article
  • Announcements from Organizations/groups
  • Youth Ministry
  • In Memory Of (parishioners that have gone before us)
  • Baptisms
  • Marriages
  • Lay Ministers
  • Congrats (outside happenings from our church family)
  • Cartoons, drawings, anecdotes, quotes
  • Pictures of events and parish life
  • Contests and prizes​
  • Got an Idea?  Drop us a line

Positions Available

  • Article writers
  • Proof readers
  • Photographers
  • Editorials
  • Mailroom
  • Historians
  • Cartoonists/Artists
  • Parish Organization Representatives
  • Got an idea?  Drop us a line

Parish Newsletter Jourrnalism

Got a Scoop?

How to submit articles, images, ideas, stories, breaking news, etc.


Dan Robinson

  • 330-219-1927

If you have something that you would like to be considered for publication, you can submit digital copies to the email listed above.  Printed or handwritten copy can be submitted in person at the Parish Office or to Father Balash before or after mass.  Potential publications can also be given to anyone on parish staff or anyone on Newsletter staff for delivery.


Mailroom will serve as a time to label newsletters for mailing and sort into postal codes.  This time will also be used as a general meeting to talk about how to improve the newsletter and discuss new ideas.  Anyone is welcome!

Newsletter Policy

  • The "Our Family" newsletter will attempt to publish all submitted articles, images, announcements, etc., unless there is insufficient space available.  
  • Primary consideration will be given to registered parishioners first.  Submissions other than by registered parishioners will be accepted and published according to space available.  
  • Publication of materials will occur at "Our Family" staff discretion and will be based on timeliness, space constraints, and topic.  
  • Materials of a contentious nature will not be published.  
  • Every effort will be made to evangelize the Catholic Faith through compassion, tolerance, and inclusion.  Materials that do not foster this directive will not be published.  
  • Materials submitted for publication in "Our Family" news are published at the determination of the Editor (chocolate can be used to sway that decision...a little).
  • The "Our Family" Staff shall have the ability and responsibility to reject submissions that do not conform to these guidelines or to make such general editorial changes to all submissions and to publish them within the "Our Family" news in the most effective and cost effective manner. The Editor has final editorial control of all submissions.