Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, 
and let perpetual light shine upon them. 
May they rest in peace.


If you would like the name of your family member, friend, or loved one listed on the "In Memoriam" page, please contact the parish office and/or Tina McCue at 330/847-8677.


St. William Catholic Church parishioners fondly remember
their family members and friends who have died.

We pray continually for their peace and for
​our reunion with them in the Lord.​

Family, Friends, & Loved Ones

* Parishioner

In Memoriam

Volume 2015, Issue 1

St. William Catholic Church - FaithStreet

Brent E. Wilcox 1942-2019

Brother-in-Law of Frank Butcher

Frank Fiest 1938-2019*

Estella "Charlene" Boucher  1929-2019
Mother of Renita Mintus

Robert Woodruff Cherry 1949-2019
Brother-in-Law of Renita Mintus

Ann Sekerak 1934-2019*

William Griffin  1951-2019
Brother of Patricia Gregory

Beulah Szczurek 1923-2019
Mother of Michael and Richard Szczurek 

Alfred Masciangelo, Jr.  1949-2019
Brother of Lenore Antonelli

Tod Pealer 1958-2019
Brother of Forrest Pealer

Vera Kosnac 1928-2019
Sister of Joseph Maciejewski

Phyllis Ann Baker 1934-2019
Sister of George Schuster

Lewis Merwin  1936-2019
Father of Lillian Malys and Kim Pealer

Harold Freer  1935-2019
Father of Scott Freer

Robert Lee Hart  1964-2019
Son of Gloria Ann Hart

Annabelle Miller  (birth unknown) - 2019
Sister of Charles Hudak

Mitchell Pealer  1981-2019
Son of Forrest and Kim Pealer

Richard Babnik (birth unknown) - 2019
Father of Marianne Babnik, Richard Babnik

and Christine Farley

Denise Tombor-Fox  1966-2019
Daughter of Steve Tombor

Tomas Chura (birth unknown) - 2019
Brother of Donna Runtas

Dulia Maciejewski (birth unknown) - 2019
Sister-in-Law of Joseph Maciejewski

Elizabeth Hemberger 1920-2019
(Sister of Joseph Badajnek)

Dolores Loftus 1925-2019*

Leonard Sikes 1956-2019
(Son of Theresa Sikes)

Willis Amolsch, Jr.
(Father of Deanna Barco)

Richard Hudak 1954-2019*

Ruth Burggraf 1947-2019
(Sister of Barbara Kufchak)

Susan Timko 1949-2019
(Sister of Margaret Foster)

Robert Dugic 1934-2019
(Brother of Marie Dye)

Rose Watson 1934-2019*

Joseph Gruber 1934-2019
(Father of Barbara Bickford)

Laura Cligrow 1928-2019*

Helen Spano 1924-2019*

Charles Weeks 1946-2019
(Brother of Thomas Weeks)

Francis Harris 1933-2019*
founding parishioner

Alfred Carrino 1928-2018*

Michael Sawayda 1936-2018*

Rita Kittle 1934-2018*

James Masters 1937-2018*

​Eledore Stefanik 1923-2018*

Jeffery Sponaugle 1957-2018
(Brother-in-law of Eileen Sponaugle)

Antonetta Gundic 1938-2018*

Earl Pennell 1935-2018*

Karl Fauvie 1936-2018*

Fred Molek 1922-2018*

Peggy Catlett 1946-2018

(Sister of Robert Weitzel)

Marlene Ceroli 
DOB unknown  DOD 06-15-18
(Sister of Mary Lou Osborne)

Lawanna Osborne 1930-2018
(Mother-In-Law of Mary Lou Osborne)

Joan Gilronan 1935-2018
(Mother of Ronald Gilronan)

Steve Millik 1924-2018*

Fred Molek 1922-2018*

Robert Sekerak 1935-2018*

Karl Fauvie  1936-2018*

Forrest Emerine  1993-2018
(Grandson of Patricia Livingston)

MaryAnn Zandarski 1944-2018
(Sister of Steve Tombor

Sister-in-Law of Angela Tombar)

Ruth Kuszmaul 1932-2018*

Nancy Cimbanin 1948-2018*

Steve Horvath 1927-2018*

Joseph Makosky 1960-2018*

Karen Bogan 1949-2018*

Rosella Duttry 1924-2018

(Mother of Jane Johns and
Eileen Sponaugle)

Richard Susko 1960-2018
(Brother of Mary Ann Drabek)

Geraldine Kirst 1917-2018
(Mother of Pat Shepker)

Joseph Tascione 1957-2018
(Son-in-law of Ann Coursen)

Francis Salvador 1926-2018

(Mother of Viviane Watson)

Leroy Wilson 1932-2018*

Heidi Seitz 1980-1918
(Granddaughter of Bernadette Fox)

Paul Shellhammer 1926-2018

(Husband of Katherine Shellhammer)

Orval Russell 1954-2018

(Brother of Diana Kirkwood)

Mary Frenchie 1918-2018
(Mother of Judy Franek)

Donna K. Scott 1949-2018
(Mother of Larry Scott)

Lawrence Skrivan 1966-2018
(nephew of Sr. Mary Cora Skrivan)

Carmella Powell 1927-2018*

Emidio Digiacobbe 1926-2018*

Donald A. Kane 1932-2018
(Brother of Robert Kane)

Eileen Conlon 1925-2018
(Mother of Nancy Mercandino)

Lex Prindle 1931-2018*

Daniel Gelet 1929-2018

(Father of Dan Gelet)

Lawrence Skrivan
(Brother of Sr. Mary Cora Skrivan)

MaryAnn Paquet 1931-2018
(Sister of Bill Scanlon)

Sylvia Razzano 1932-2018
(Mother of Raymond Razzano)

Agnes Ann Kolar 1915-2018*

Andrew Greskovich 1935-2018

(Father of Sandy Frantz)

Val Morris Hart 1951-2017
(Sister-in-Law of Tom Hart)

Brenten Faler 1983-2017
(Son of Karen Faler)

Elizabeth "Bette" Champ 1945-2017
(Sister of Marcia Kane)

William Newmiller 1932-2017*

Roger Stone

(Brother of SueAnn Keller)

Charles Sitch 1935-2017

(Father of Eric Sitch)

Theda Nocera 1925-2017*

Thomas Davis 1993-2017*

Kim Hummel 1945-2017

(Sister-in-law of Barbara Robinson)

Darlene Sait 1951-2017*

Jean Phipps 1932-2017*

​Wilfred Ray 1924-2017

(Husband of Fran Ray)

​Philip Stamolis 1950-2017

(Husband of Anna Stamolis)

​Donna Wiseman 1942-2017

(Sister of Linda Trunick)

​Wanda Ciarlitto 1955-2017*

​Danielle McLean 1995-2017

(Niece of Kathleen, Tom & Carol Chidboy)

Paul F. Gates 1925-2017

(Father of Gary Gates)

Reverend Michael J. Smar*

Anna M. Kittle 1923-2017​

(Mother of Gary Kittle)

Dorthy C. Janas  1928-2017*

Theodore Falatic 1927-2017
(Father of Teddi Agues)

Virgil Sellers 1923-2017*

Albert Franek 1937-2017*

Marjorie Kish 1926-2017*

Roger Samuelson 1937-2017*

Margaret Ratini 1931-2017*

Thomas Campana 1923-2017
(Brother of Mary Ellen Hoolihan)

Marilyn Marando 1927-2017*

Donna Craiger 1943-2017

(Mother-in-law of Theresa Craiger)

John Crawford 1961-2017

(Son-in-law of Regina Speaker)

Michael Hart 1957-2017

(Brother of Thomas Hart)

Evelyn Marcks 1924-2017

(Mother of Juliana Letavish)

John Makosky 1938-2017
(​Father of Joe Makosky & Christine McCue)

Gordon Bowser 1944-2017

(Brother of Keith Bowser)

Mary Jaskowick 1933-2017*

Lee Sikes 1928-2017*

Fran Stuber 1926-2017*

Patricia Amolsch 
(Mother of Deanna Barco)

Marvin Perrine 1967-2017
(Brother of Janet Hart)

Gloria Dutton 1932-2016*

Norma Medzie 1931-2016*

Justin Kennedy-Snodgrass 1969-2016

(Husband of Melissa Kennedy-Snodgrass
& father of Skye, Dominic & Kaylee)

Delia Anna Antonelli 1926-2016

(Mother of Carla Gilronan)

George Sheffar 1934-2016*