In Memoriam


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If you would like the name of your family member, friend, or loved one listed on the "In Memoriam" page, please contact the parish office and/or Tina McCue at 330/847-8677.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, 
and let perpetual light shine upon them. 
May they rest in peace.


Family, Friends, & Loved Ones

* Parishioner

St. William Catholic Church parishioners fondly remember
their family members and friends who have died.

We pray continually for their peace and for
​our reunion with them in the Lord.​

​Ronald Mooney 1942-2021*

Gerald Gbur 1941-2021
Brother-in-law of Cheryl (Lou) Lamosek

Barry Sturm 1956-2021
Brother-in-law of Jeff (Patty) Hovanic

Gordon Sanders 1935-2021
Father of Victoria Sanders

Dorothy Johnson 1928-2021
Sister of Donna (Ron) Runtas

Elizabeth Petrosky 1927-2021
Sister-in-law of Eugene (Theresa) Petrosky

Vincent Pavis 1951-2021
Brother-in-law of Tina (Brian) McCue and Judy Makosky

Franklin Amoline 1933-2021*

Stanley Rolf 1960-2021
Brother-in-law of Pam (Ken) Dillon

Joseph Badanjek 1925-2021*

Gerald Ott 1937-2021*

Edward Dillon  1934-2021

Father of Kenneth Dillon

Donald Lesh  1935-2021*

Joseph Emerine 1935-2021
Brother-in-law of Faye Millik

Donna Jenny  1941-2021

Sister of Marilyn Kolar

Helen Gulish  1921-2021

Mother of Karen Kusmierek

Grandmother of Jennifer Kusmierek

Margaret Johns 1932 - 2021
Mother of Tim (Jane) Johns

Cay Wolfinger  

Aunt of Christie Graham

Millie Bova 1941-2021*

William Sauer 1922-2021*

Barb Brdek  1955-2021*

James P. McQuade 1935-2021

Brother-in-law of Ron & Felicia Mooney

David Banic  1959-2020

Son of Theresa Banic

Terry Troyan 1940-2020*

Joseph Shaker, Sr  1959 - 2020

Father of Joseph Shaker

Carole Runyan 1935-2020
Mother of Ed Runyan

Marylyn Burnfield 1934-2020*

Francis Theis 1914-2020*

Ronald Utz 1962-2020

Son-in-law of Terry and Judith Troyan

Maureen "Mo" Thuman  1939-2020*

Ray Kittle  1924-2020

Father of Gary Kittle

Richard Miller  1955-2020

Brother of Barb Kufchak

Roscoe "Babe" Gautschi  1922-2020*

Buddy Fares  1938-2020

Brother-in-law of Theresa Petrosky

James Herriman 1935 - 2020
Father-in-Law of Pamela Herriman

Helen Cipolla 1934 - 2020
Sister of Steve Tombor

Veronica Evans 1948 - 2020
Sister of Theresa (James) White

Thomas Holko 1957 - 2020
Brother of Joseph (Marea) Holko

Joseph Babnik 1990 - 2020
Son of Richard and Mary Babnik

Ida Mae Switter 1937 - 2020*

Frank Barco 1925 - 2020
Father of John Barco

Richard Lenhart 1954 - 2020

Brother of Ross Lenhart

John Maus 1940-2020*

David Rable 1933-2020*

Kay Orlandi  1942-2020
Sister of Thomas Weeks

Gail Byers  1934-2020
Former Parishioner

Paul Hatch  1972-2020
Son of Nancy Hatch

JoAnn Griffith  1933-2020*

Twila "Darlene" Marando  1940-2020*

Most Reverend Bishop George V. Murry  1948-2020
Fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown

Mary Ann Prebonick  1930-2020
Mother of Stephen Prebonick

Fay Graham  1927-2020
Mother of Nora Millik

Reverend William Loveless  1948-2020
Diaconate Study at St. William

Michael Abenante  1943-2020
Brother-in-law of Pat Maciejewski and Terry Weeks

John Burns  1925-2020
Brother of Margaret Poponak

Grace DeBattista  1925-2020
Sister of Vince DeSalvo

Donna Gardner  1939-2020
Mother of Marianne Fleischer

Ronald Couts   (unknown) - 2020
Brother-in-law of Marcia Kane

James Harvey  1938-2020
Former Deacon at St. William

Judith Dinko  1963-2020
Sister of Sandy Frantz

Ronald Sprague  1939-2020*

Beverly Toth 1965-2020
Sister-in-law of Carol Timko

Thomas "Mike" Whyte  1947-2019
Brother-in-law of Irene Bellex

John D. McIver 1947-2019
Father of Kim Shaker

George Holko 1934-2019
Father of Vincent Holko

Veronica Mae Means 1946-2020
Mother of Greg Foster

Sandra Mackey 1944-2020*

Gerald Thomas Jeffers 1931-2020
Father of Thomas Jeffers

Judith Wolfe 1933-2019*

Keith Brody 1973-2019
Son-in-law of Mickey and Sally Dakin

George Schuster 1928 - 2019*

Brent E. Wilcox 1942-2019

Brother-in-Law of Frank Butcher

Frank Fiest 1938-2019*

Estella "Charlene" Boucher  1929-2019
Mother of Renita Mintus

Robert Woodruff Cherry 1949-2019
Brother-in-Law of Renita Mintus

Ann Sekerak 1934-2019*

William Griffin  1951-2019
Brother of Patricia Gregory

Beulah Szczurek 1923-2019
Mother of Michael and Richard Szczurek 

Alfred Masciangelo, Jr.  1949-2019
Brother of Lenore Antonelli

Tod Pealer 1958-2019
Brother of Forrest Pealer

Vera Kosnac 1928-2019
Sister of Joseph Maciejewski

Phyllis Ann Baker 1934-2019
Sister of George Schuster

Lewis Merwin  1936-2019
Father of Lillian Malys and Kim Pealer

Harold Freer  1935-2019
Father of Scott Freer

Robert Lee Hart  1964-2019
Son of Gloria Ann Hart

Annabelle Miller  (birth unknown) - 2019
Sister of Charles Hudak

Mitchell Pealer  1981-2019
Son of Forrest and Kim Pealer

Richard Babnik (birth unknown) - 2019
Father of Marianne Babnik, Richard Babnik

and Christine Farley

Denise Tombor-Fox  1966-2019
Daughter of Steve Tombor

Thomas Chura 1943 - 2019
Brother of Donna Runtas

Dulia Maciejewski (birth unknown) - 2019
Sister-in-Law of Joseph Maciejewski

Elizabeth Hemberger 1920-2019
(Sister of Joseph Badajnek)

Dolores Loftus 1925-2019*

Leonard Sikes 1956-2019
(Son of Theresa Sikes)

Willis Amolsch, Jr.
(Father of Deanna Barco)

Richard Hudak 1954-2019*

Ruth Burggraf 1947-2019
(Sister of Barbara Kufchak)

Susan Timko 1949-2019
(Sister of Margaret Foster)

Robert Dugic 1934-2019
(Brother of Marie Dye)

Rose Watson 1934-2019*

Joseph Gruber 1934-2019
(Father of Barbara Bickford)

Laura Cligrow 1928-2019*

Helen Spano 1924-2019*

Charles Weeks 1946-2019
(Brother of Thomas Weeks)

Francis Harris 1933-2019*
founding parishioner