St. William Catholic Church parishioners fondly remember
their family members and friends who have died.

We pray continually for their peace and for
​our reunion with them in the Lord.​

Family, Friends, & Loved Ones

* Parishioner

In Memoriam

Volume 2015, Issue 1

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, 
and let perpetual light shine upon them. 
May they rest in peace.



St. William Catholic Church - FaithStreet

If you would like the name of your family member, friend, or loved one listed on the "In Memoriam" page, please contact the parish office and/or Tina McCue at 330/847-8677.

Elizabeth Hemberger 1920-2019
(Sister of Joseph Badajnek)

Dolores Loftus 1925-2019*

Leonard Sikes 1956-2019
(Son of Theresa Sikes)

Willis Amolsch, Jr.
(Father of Deanna Barco)

Richard Hudak 1954-2019*

Ruth Burggraf 1947-2019
(Sister of Barbara Kufchak)

Susan Timko 1949-2019
(Sister of Margaret Foster)

Robert Dugic 1934-2019
(Brother of Marie Dye)

Rose Watson 1934-2019*

Joseph Gruber 1934-2019
(Father of Barbara Bickford)

Laura Cligrow 1928-2019*

Helen Spano 1924-2019*

Charles Weeks 1946-2019
(Brother of Thomas Weeks)

Francis Harris 1933-2019*
founding parishioner

Alfred Carrino 1928-2018*

Michael Sawayda 1936-2018*

Rita Kittle 1934-2018*

James Masters 1937-2018*

​Eledore Stefanik 1923-2018*

Jeffery Sponaugle 1957-2018
(Brother-in-law of Eileen Sponaugle)

Antonetta Gundic 1938-2018*

Earl Pennell 1935-2018*

Karl Fauvie 1936-2018*

Fred Molek 1922-2018*

Peggy Catlett 1946-2018

(Sister of Robert Weitzel)

Marlene Ceroli 
DOB unknown  DOD 06-15-18
(Sister of Mary Lou Osborne)

Lawanna Osborne 1930-2018
(Mother-In-Law of Mary Lou Osborne)

Joan Gilronan 1935-2018
(Mother of Ronald Gilronan)

Steve Millik 1924-2018*

Fred Molek 1922-2018*

Robert Sekerak 1935-2018*

Karl Fauvie  1936-2018*

Forrest Emerine  1993-2018
(Grandson of Patricia Livingston)

MaryAnn Zandarski 1944-2018
(Sister of Steve Tombor

Sister-in-Law of Angela Tombar)

Ruth Kuszmaul 1932-2018*

Nancy Cimbanin 1948-2018*

Steve Horvath 1927-2018*

Joseph Makosky 1960-2018

(Sister of Tina McCue)

Karen Bogan 1949-2018*

Rosella Duttry 1924-2018
(Mother of Jane Johns and
Eileen Sponaugle)

Richard Susko 1960-2018
(Brother of Mary Ann Drabek)

Geraldine Kirst 1917-2018
(Mother of Pat Shepker)

Joseph Tascione 1957-2018
(Son-in-law of Ann Coursen)

Francis Salvador 1926-2018

(Mother of Viviane Watson)

Leroy Wilson 1932-2018*

Heidi Seitz 1980-1918
(Granddaughter of Bernadette Fox)

Paul Shellhammer 1926-2018

(Husband of Katherine Shellhammer)

Orval Russell 1954-2018

(Brother of Diana Kirkwood)

Mary Frenchie 1918-2018
(Mother of Judy Franek)

Donna K. Scott 1949-2018
(Mother of Larry Scott)

Lawrence Skrivan 1966-2018
(nephew of Sr. Mary Cora Skrivan)

Carmella Powell 1927-2018*

Emidio Digiacobbe 1926-2018*

Donald A. Kane 1932-2018
(Brother of Robert Kane)

Eileen Conlon 1925-2018
(Mother of Nancy Mercandino)

Lex Prindle 1931-2018*

Daniel Gelet 1929-2018
(Father of Dan Gelet)

Lawrence Skrivan
(Brother of Sr. Mary Cora Skrivan)

MaryAnn Paquet 1931-2018
(Sister of Bill Scanlon)

Sylvia Razzano 1932-2018
(Mother of Raymond Razzano)

Agnes Ann Kolar 1915-2018*

Andrew Greskovich 1935-2018
(Father of Sandy Frantz)

Val Morris Hart 1951-2017
(Sister-in-Law of Tom Hart)

Brenten Faler 1983-2017
(Son of Karen Faler)

Elizabeth "Bette" Champ 1945-2017
(Sister of Marcia Kane)

William Newmiller 1932-2017*

Roger Stone

(Brother of SueAnn Keller)

Charles Sitch 1935-2017

(Father of Eric Sitch)

Theda Nocera 1925-2017*

Thomas Davis 1993-2017*

Kim Hummel 1945-2017

(Sister-in-law of Barbara Robinson)

Darlene Sait 1951-2017*

Jean Phipps 1932-2017*

​Wilfred Ray 1924-2017

(Husband of Fran Ray)

​Philip Stamolis 1950-2017

(Husband of Anna Stamolis)

​Donna Wiseman 1942-2017

(Sister of Linda Trunick)

​Wanda Ciarlitto 1955-2017*

​Danielle McLean 1995-2017

(Niece of Kathleen, Tom & Carol Chidboy)

Paul F. Gates 1925-2017

(Father of Gary Gates)

Reverend Michael J. Smar*

Anna M. Kittle 1923-2017​

(Mother of Gary Kittle)

Dorthy C. Janas  1928-2017*

Theodore Falatic 1927-2017
(Father of Teddi Agues)

Virgil Sellers 1923-2017*

Albert Franek 1937-2017*

Marjorie Kish 1926-2017*

Roger Samuelson 1937-2017*

Margaret Ratini 1931-2017*

Thomas Campana 1923-2017
(Brother of Mary Ellen Hoolihan)

Marilyn Marando 1927-2017*

Donna Craiger 1943-2017

(Mother-in-law of Theresa Craiger)

John Crawford 1961-2017

(Son-in-law of Regina Speaker)

Michael Hart 1957-2017

(Brother of Thomas Hart)

Evelyn Marcks 1924-2017

(Mother of Juliana Letavish)

John Makosky 1938-2017
(​Father of Joe Makosky & Christine McCue)

Gordon Bowser 1944-2017

(Brother of Keith Bowser)

Mary Jaskowick 1933-2017*

Lee Sikes 1928-2017*

Fran Stuber 1926-2017*

Patricia Amolsch 
(Mother of Deanna Barco)

Marvin Perrine 1967-2017
(Brother of Janet Hart)

Gloria Dutton 1932-2016*

Norma Medzie 1931-2016*

Justin Kennedy-Snodgrass 1969-2016

(Husband of Melissa Kennedy-Snodgrass
& father of Skye, Dominic & Kaylee)

Delia Anna Antonelli 1926-2016

(Mother of Carla Gilronan)

George Sheffar 1934-2016*