St. William Catholic Church - FaithStreet

Volume 2015, Issue 1

Family Faith Celebration

by Carol Timko

On Sunday, January 26, St. William held an evening Family Faith Celebration (FFC) with a theme of “Pride in the Past.”  We were lucky to have Marilyn Shay, her daughter Melanie Zappia, two granddaughters, Courtney and Morgan (Melanie’s daughters), and two of Marilyn’s great-grandchildren (Courtney’s children) to give a witness talk about growing up Catholic.  Marilyn shared stories with us about her parents and some of the traditions that she had while growing up.  She discussed the importance of keeping traditions alive and how she valued them so much that she makes sure her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren get to experience them.

One of the traditions that Marilyn discussed was the annual Blessing of the Food Basket on Holy Saturday.  Food blessed on Holy Saturday is the food eaten on Easter Sunday.  Marilyn brought her basket along with other items from when she was growing up.  Students enjoyed hearing stories from Marilyn’s childhood.

The PSR families were then invited to decorate their own basket to bring to church on Holy Saturday and have their Easter food blessed.  A list was given to the families detailing what foods they should have in the basket to be blessed and why those foods are important for an Easter Sunday meal.  In keeping with the theme of the day, we explained how the traditions of the past are just as important in 2019.  When the families had completed their baskets, they enjoyed a walk down memory lane.  A few of our PSR families and teachers provided pictures of themselves or their children receiving the sacraments.  A “Guess Who” slide show was presented to the group along with  a brief story about the photos.  Everyone had a great time trying to guess to whom the picture and story belonged.  A delicious family style pasta and meatball dinner ended this enjoyable event.  A big thank you to everyone who helped make this FFC a success!