Volume 2015, Issue 1

F.F.C.:  Family Faith Celebration 2019

by Carol Timko

The 2018-2019 St. William Parish School of Religion (PSR) enjoyed a fun-filled Family Faith Celebration (FFC) on March 24. Students and their parents took part in Faith in the Future, the theme for the activities and fellowship at this exciting event.  Throughout the school year, the students and teachers designed and built miniature churches.  This project was designed to coincide with the Diocesan 75th Anniversary Year Celebration, “Pride in the Past, Faith in the Future.” The students began by researching Catholic Saints, they evaluated which Saint appealed to them the most, and then designed a church dedicated to that saint.  Students built their churches out of styrofoam, cardboard, popsicle sticks, etc., and each grade presented theirs at the FFC.  Each classroom gave a report about the saint that they chose and why.  The miniature churches were on display in the vestibule for parishioners to enjoy after all Masses that weekend. 

In November 2018, we started a Prayer Partner Program. PSR students were matched up with adult members of St. William Parish to become pen pals. The adults and the students then sent written prayers or words of encouragement to each other once a month for the entire PSR year.  At the close of our FFC 2019, the secret prayer partners were revealed to each other.  The students and adults enjoyed meeting each other and discussing the letters sent back and forth between them throughout the school year.  A group picture was taken with students and adults as a reminder of the connections built through this fun and faith building activity. 


St. William Catholic Church - FaithStreet