Jamie Taneri is the newly elected Treasurer.  Jamie will keep a record of all monies received and disbursed and present a report at each meeting.  She is also to pay financial obligation of this organization.

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Women's Guild of St. William

Cathy Poponak will be returning as Secretary.  Cathy will keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings and read these minutes at the following meeting.

Contact e-mail: cpoponak@stwilliamchampion.org

Theresa Craiger will be returning as President. Theresa will preside at all WG meetings and be a member “ex officio” of all committees.

Contact e-mail: tcraiger@stwilliamchampion.org

Linda Horm will be returning as Vice-President.  Linda will serve as coordinator of the program committee and perform all duties of the President in her absence.

Contact e-mail: lhorm@stwilliamchampion.org


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Jamie Taneri


Linda Horm



Theresa Craiger


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