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Women's Guild of St. William

New Volunteers are always appreciated and needed.  If you are interested in joining a committee or hosting a meeting, contact the chairperson or one of the Officers.


Monthly MeetingCommittees

September Meeting

Program: Organizational Meeting Wine & Cheese Social

Hostesses: Maureen Thuman & Kathy Rogel

Audit Committee

Tina McCue (

Therese Tuttle  (

October Meeting

Program: Safe Driving for Seniors

Hostesses: Tina McCue (

                 Linda Horm  (

Card Party

Maria Butcher

Ellie Gates

January Meeting

Program: Inspiring Minds

Hostesses: Maria Butcher

Parish Family Dinner

Maureen Thuman

Therese Tuttle  (

March Meeting

Program: A Very Merry Unbirthday Celebration

Hostesses: Theresa Craiger

Christmas Craft Show
Tables: Murph Gelet
Food: Tina McCue (
Kitchen: Maureen Thuman

February Meeting

Program: Life and Estate Planning Seminar

Hostesses: Marcia Kane (

                 Gloria Karafa  (

Funeral Dinners
Gloria Karafa  (
Barbara Robinson  (

April Meeting

Program:  Working Meeting

Hostesses: Christine DePascale

Kolachi Bake

Gloria Karafa  (

May Meeting

Program: Installation of Officers

Hostesses: Therese Tuttle  (

Marian Devotion Banquet

Maureen Thuman

Parish Picnic

Therese Craiger (

Linda Horm (

Cathy Poponak

Maureen Thuman

Plus New Officers

Social Media Coordinator

Program: Organizational Meeting

Therese Craiger (

Sandy Hudak

Therese Tuttle (web) (


Maureen Thuman

Therese Tuttle (

Rummage Sale

Therese Tuttle (

Maureen Thuman

Linda Horm (

TNT Night

Theresa Craiger (