St. William Catholic Church - FaithStreet

Volume 2015, Issue 1

Adult Meeting Room

by Dan Robinson

The last several months have brought great changes to the Adult Meeting Room.  Repairs to the drywall, new light fixtures, updated paint, new furniture, and new art have been added.  There has been one wall, however, that has remained empty.  This area which once was the pass-through window when the room was the original church kitchen, was dry walled over, painted and left empty.  Now with a generous donation of a handmade quilt from the St. William Quilters Group the room is now complete!  When the quilters were approached during the summer of 2018 to create a work of art to show-off their craftsmanship they said “Yes!” without hesitation.  They chose a pattern for the quilt called Around the Twist and, with great patience and an eye for color, material was chosen to complement the colors used during the room renovation. The pictures included here do not do the quilt justice.  To truly appreciate this masterpiece, it must be seen up close.  The needlework is amazing!